Rubinetterie Stella

1882…the beginning

At the close of the 19th Century, with the Second industrial revolution shaping the United States and the countries of Europe, industrial enterprise became the leading force in Italian economic life following the country’s unification.

In 1882 Pietro Stella began the slow process of industrialisation towards an organised company model, one characterised by technological product expertise and focused on developing partnerships with major industrial firms.

As such, in that very year, on Lake Orta or in Cireggio to be more precise, the Stella company was born, specialising in the production of articles in bronze: candlesticks, pasta cutters, corkscrews and taps. All these products were linked by innovative thinking, a meticulous attention-to-detail and immense physical beauty, almost like small ‘jewels’ or ‘works of art’ in terms of national and European production.

A striking example from this period was the use of one of the first Stella taps within the fuel feed circuit of the Fiat Zero, the first model from the Turin-based company to achieve sales in excess of 2000 vehicles. This faucet orientated technical know-how, combined with the historical-industrial evolution of Italy taking place at the turn of the century, led to the company concentrating its efforts on the production of bathroom taps in the years immediately thereafter.


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