Doors are produced by applying exclusively criteria of excellence, according to the requirements of a 100% made-in-Italy artisanal production.

Our story began in 1969, when Ottorino Pivato turned his home garage into a carpentry workshop. The craftsmanship of products, typical of small businesses, immediately merged with the meticulous search for quality and taste.

That is how the transformation began: the workshop began to gradually take on the features of a small factory, both in terms of output and distribution, without ever forgetting craftsmanship, quality and solidity, the core features of the Pivato products.

We are constantly searching for style and world- renowned Italian Design, paying close attention to the selection of raw materials to maximize the quality of our doors, made by highly qualified staff.

We pay attention to every single detail and offer innovative solutions with original design for our doors to last over time.


We build and finish our doors as unique pieces; many work phases are still carried out as they would in a traditional craft shop. After choosing the best cut, our artisans draw patterns. Other hands then dress our doors, matching and sewing wooden sheets as if they were fabric. Metal inserts too also applied by hand. Our strength is the ability to combine craftsmanship and make customized products with next-generation machines and technologies; only this perfect combination allows us realizing one-of-a-kind doors.

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